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Your partner for longer, natural shelf life

Who we are

With over 30 years of experience in the area of functional and efficient natural ingredients, the WTI Group stands for professional shelf life extension of food.
We have consistently faced up to the challenges of the food industry and see ourselves as a competent and reliable partner, focused on your success and the safety of your products.

Clean Label

Quality is paramount for us. Our ingredients are based on vinegar and lemon juice, they are natural, and are still technologically effective with regard to increased shelf life. Our products meet the Clean Label requirements and are allergen-free. For you this means that you can market your products without any E-number declaration

Our principle is: “As much as necessary and as little as possible”.
Reducing ingredients and applying them more efficiently without any loss of effectiveness increases your cost-benefit ratio.

Product safety

The safety of your product is our foremost goal. Our ingredients work in two stages. Firstly, they help to preserve your product while packed. Above and beyond that, WTI products also guarantee secondary safety, once the packaging has been opened.

Science and research

Research plays a central role in our success. Apart from our in-house laboratory in the USA for the standardized quality assurance of our products, we also have our own bacteriology laboratory. We are able to specifically inoculate your products within the scope of a long-range study, in order to check and optimize the effectiveness of our ingredients, and to advise the most successful solution for you.

Consultancy and partnership

For us, a long-term partnership is more important than a fast success. We believe that individual customer care, customized solutions, and trust are key to a good working relationship. Every customer faces individual challenges that need to be overcome. We are happy to accompany you on that journey.